The Governments in different country are now in the process of making their service better by developing another amenity through electronic means. For instance, the e-services administered by the government has lead to different opportunities to produce various assistance to a wide range of users. This study aims to determine the significant relationship in the level of awareness of SMEs on e-services provided by key government agencies (BIR, DTI and SEC) when correlated to the level of satisfaction. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling. Research participants were different 50 SMEs around Davao City. This study employed descriptive-quantitative method and have conducted a validated survey questionnaire as an instrument. Using the Pearson-r as the statistical tool, the study revealed that the level of awareness was moderate, and the level of satisfaction was extreme. Furthermore, the study found out that there is a significant relationship between the level of awareness and the level of satisfaction. Thus, the null hypothesis is rejected.
Keywords: E-services, awareness, satisfaction, Pearson-r, quantitative descriptive, small-medium enterprises.

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