A. The Treaty of Versailles connects to both WWI and WWII. How was that the case and to what extent?
The treaty of Versailles was the end of World War 1 at 1919. And the treaty had announced that Germans should pay over 25 million dollars for the countries that were in the war. And because of the huge budget that they had to pay, Germany was full of poor people and unemployment. People had to choose Hitler as a leader because he promised them to fix what was happening in Germany. to be the leader. After he became a leader the Nazi social political group that was created by him, they went and fight Poland and started world war 2 which ended at 1945.

B. Appeasement policies were adopted by various countries in the 1930′ s. What was the intent of appeasement and in what sense did the Axis powers take advantage of them?
The intel of appeasement was a strategy that was against Hitler. The Axis power had many advantages from the polices that were stated an 1930 Britain had no fights again and France had divided.

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C. How did Hitler view ‘Jews’ and what policies did he implement against them?

Hitler hated Jews so he did the Holocaust, which meant burn or fire. Hitler burned more than 6 million Jewish. He made Jewish doctors, teachers without work. And he used propaganda against Jews “Anti-Jews la

D. How would you characterize Hitler’s and Stalin’s political systems? What are certain similar circumstances that allowed them to rise to power? What is a significant difference between the two?

Hitler “Nazi” political system was fascist which is radical and Stain was communist. Both Hitler and Stain were elected under the same circumstances as the decrease of economy and poverty.

E. Touch on the United States’ decision to use atomic bombs against Japan. What motives were behind this action, and what arguments have been made against it?

The united states was not going to be involve in the world war 2 but because japan had bombed their ships during the war they had to join the Allice. They had to take a step forward, so they have used two atomic bombs in Hiroshima in Japan. The president of the united states at that time argued that this bomb would shorten the war, and it did took out Japan from the war because of the lost that came out of the atomic bomb attack.