After considering some of the research publications I got an idea that in some cases trust can be underlying factor for the digital marketing of retail business. The information quality is an important tool that concerns the customers most. If the needs a sensitive information like which company products you use? What makes you spend your money and where you spend your money the most and on which products etc questions like these create second thoughts in customer minds and they feel insecure to reveal that information straight away. The communication quality is very important like if you want to know about the lifestyle then businesses should make sure that they should not be entirely promotion focused. Since each human and their behaviour is different firstly you make sure to decrease their privacy concern and then make that relationship with customers more promotion focussed by increasing the communication quality. There isn’t any specific way to gain a consumer trust and decreasing privacy concern. The retail business like the ‘The Warehouse Group’ can apply a technology called ‘biometric data’ like the Singapore airlines have implemented in 2011. In this technology they introduced a smart check in system that allows passengers to check in, select their seats and clear immigration in lesser time. Biometric data of the customer is stored in a smart chip of the smart and can used for check in process (Lwin, Wirtz, ; Stanland, 2015) The retail ‘Warehouse Group’ can apply self-check counters technology and biometric data but to make sure that consumer data should not be compromised. Since ‘The Warehouse Group’ is known for its reputation and their customers are connected to the brand they have maintained a trust factor with their customers to make adaptable to any change in their service.
4.1 Knowledge Gap
The most common methodology critique I found in the research papers was most of the research were carried out on the financial sectors, health sectors and the research that is carried generic “The Privacy Dyad” includes only the graduates in its research. Although, the graduates might have sound understanding of technology but still if a business want to know the consumer concerns about their data being collected then they must include actual consumers of that service also. Some of the research were carried out on one industry and in a specific country and those findings may be subjected to that country or nation but might not be generic. The retail sector is a different a totally different sector and the information or data required for business purposes is entirely different from the health sector or the financial sector. In that sector, businesses want to know their eating, wearing and daily usage of products data which is not directly related to their personal lives. For addressing the consumer concerns the research publications should include consumers not just the students or any specific age group. The proper research methodology should include person from every age group and end user of that product to come to an opinion. Our group project is about if “The Warehouse Group” starts exporting its own brand label products is that a profitable step? Will that reduce the costs and make a decrease in their cost of doing business. My individual focus is what should be the customer reaction towards that step and for gaining idea about that “The Warehouse Group” needs its customer data to know their preferences and what should be the target market of the warehouse brand products.
4.2 Future Work
The retail businesses should make use technological advancements and try to implement it soon as possible to make customer purchasing convenient. “The Warehouse Group” should introduce self-check counters to know about the opinion of customers about their purchases. The retail businesses should make sure that quality communication and information without compromising their security can be achieved on the goodwill of the business. If retail businesses have proper information about their customer base before making any change then might have an idea what’s the consumer reaction towards that change. If the warehouse group launches its own in store brand product then they have an idea how much profitable that step would be for the businesses. Now the warehouse latest strategy is to transform its information technology systems to modern cloud systems to become more customer centric business. (Yeoman , 2018) For implementing cloud technology and to find potential customers or existing customer you should know them better and make changes according to the customer needs.