3.0 Vision & Mission statement
The vision of the company is “Happiness made simple”. For us Etikians, enriching lives through our trusted products is Happiness made simple and here it’s never just work- we care, we share and we grow together while the mission of the company is “We aim to enrich lives through our trusted products” (Etika, 2018).

4.0 Pestle analysis
2.1 Political
One of the impact of political factor is the change of the government. When the new government is formed, they set new policies. For an instance, the new government abolished the six percent GST and stated it will come to effect from 1st June of 2018 (The Star, 2018). This change will benefit both the Goodday Milk Company as well as consumers because the decrease in price will increase the demand. Moreover, Goodday product is under Etika fresh milk manufacturing and has been registered under the federal of Malaysian manufactures as it is the requirement and the voice of the Malaysian Manufacturing Industry (FMM, 2018).
2.2 Economic
A consumer’s disposable income plays a big part in affecting the business of an organization. If the disposable income of consumer is high, then the spending power will increase. For an example, earlier this year, former Prime Minister Najib stated in one of his ‘Dewan Rakyat’ speech that the disposable income of householders have increase (The Star, 2018). This will have a positive effect on the market for Goodday milk. Goodday products are also being exported to certain countries. Malaysian currency are strengthening against the USD and Singapore dollars (The new straight times, 2018). This will have a positive effect on the company in exporting their products.
2.3 Social
Lifestyle trend of individuals is one of the social impact. According to Star Online (2013), Malaysian prefers tasty product to consume and study shows that 41% of liquid dairy consumption in Malaysia is for flavored product while white milk is only 21%. This will have a positive impact on Goodday milk because we have many flavored product like chocolate, strawberry, honey and green tea. Another impact of social factor is belief. Hindus often uses milk while performing rituals and prayers. Based on an article in India, Hindus belief that the milk have purifying qualities and is used to bathe Hindu idols during special occasions (Arthur, Tween Tribune, 2015). Since, Hindu is one of the main race in Malaysia, this will benefit Goodday milk.

2.4 Technology
It is about how the continuous development of technology affect an organizations business. Development of technology helps Goodday to produce milk faster and with better quality. For an instance, Etika Group of Company which owns Goodday Milk, pumped in RM 100 million to upgrade their dairy milk in Meru. This step was taken to increase the production of milk. The new production facilities which is brought in involves advanced and automated technology to help increase the efficient of milk produced (Star Online, 2017).

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2.5 Environmental
The biological factors plays a big part in affecting the production of milk. For an instance, purchasing the right species of cows is important because different breeds will produce different quantity of milk as well as quality. The age of the cows is also an important factor because younger cows will produce a higher quantity of milk than the older ones. The carbon footprint of milk industry is massive and it is because of what the cows are fed. It takes a considerable measure of feed for cows to produce milk and the crops must be developed some place. As a result, the process of raising and fertilizing these crops will result in huge amount of greenhouse gases.

2.6 Legal
It’s about the legal factors relating to the laws, regulation and legislation that will affect the way the business operates. In Malaysia, anything related to the policy and law for food is made by the Ministry of Health Department Malaysia and Ministry of Agriculture Malaysia. The content about the minimum net weight or volume or the number of contents of the package, the ingredients which is used and the nutrition facts should be labelled on the product as it is a legal requirement in Malaysia. Goodday has followed all the guideline which is been made where each and every details can be seen in the packaging itself. Goodday is certified as a halal product since Malaysia is an Islamic country, under the Islamic law, it is legally a must to obtain the Halal certificate and the logo must be printed on the product (Halal Malaysia, 2018).

3.0 Designing marketing strategy
Our first objective is to increase our brand awareness by 20% at the end of December 2018. We want our targeted customers to know about the existent of our Goodday Milk product in the market and the benefits that they can obtain from consuming our product. By increasing our brand awareness, we want our customers to be convinced to choose our product rather than our competitor’s local or international products.
Our second objective is to increase the volume of demands from stores and supermarkets for our product by 15% at the end of December 2018. By achieving the first objective, the second objective would be much easier to accomplish. If consumers are aware of our product and its benefits, there is a good probability that they might prefer to consume our product and the demands for our product will increase from small stores to big supermarkets.

4.0 Marketing program development
4.1 Tactics
4.1.1 Brand ambassador
One of the tactics to market the product is to hire Datuk Lee Chong Wei to be the brand ambassador of Goodday Milk. Hiring a popular figure to promote a product will have a good reach among the target customers because they can use their influence and popularity to attract customers. As quoted by the chief marketing officer of Coca Cola Company, Joe Tripodi, “awareness is fine, but ADVOCACY will take your business to the next level. Datuk Lee Chong Wei himself is currently the brand ambassador of the isotonic drink 100 Plus. In 2012, Datuk Lee Chong Wei has endorsed the campaign ‘Cergaslah Malaysia’ to encourage Malaysians to lead a healthy lifestyle. (Advertising Marketing, 2012). The campaign can be said a success based on the sales generated by 100 plus by the end of 2012 (Malaysia Edition 7, 2012). Based on this success, a good assumption can be made that hiring a prominent sports figure like Datuk Lee Chong Wei to be the brand ambassador for a healthy drink product like Goodday Milk can help boost the product’s reach as well as sales. The company will also request Datuk Lee Chong Wei to use his social media account to improve the brand engagement with their online consumers. Datuk Lee Chong Wei currently has 1 million followers on twitter, 1.1 million followers on Facebook and 485,000 followers on Instagram. This huge numbers can have a mass appeal to the consumers.
Marathon Run with Datuk Lee Chong Wei
The first way to use Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s endorsement is by having a ‘Goodday Marathon Run’ event. This event will be held in Putrajaya on the 1st August 2018 and will be hosted by Datuk Lee Chong Wei himself. Every participants who wants to join the event, can register at the “Goodday Marathon Run” pre-event website by submitting their basic information and this event will be open for all group ages. The total participation for this event will be 20,000 participants and the distance of the marathon will be 5 kilometer. Before the start of the event, Datuk Lee Chong Wei will give a brief speech about the importance of drinking milk and the benefits people can get from consuming Goodday milk. Every participants who successfully reach the finish line, will be given a participation certificate and a packet of Goodday Milk of their choice. The top ten winners, will get an opportunity to take a picture with Datuk Lee Chong Wei and medal will be awarded. From this event, “Goodday” are positive that customer’s preference towards the product will increase.

Video Advertisement
The second way is to shoot an advertisement with Datuk Lee Chong Wei. The concept of the advertisement will be about stressing the importance of drinking milk in our daily life and why Goodday milk will be a good product to consume. The duration of the video will be 40 seconds. This advertisement will then be distributed to cinema distributor ‘TGV’ to air before the start of a movie. It will be distributed to TGV cinemas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor because the majority of TGV is located there. Cinema advertisement is proven to be eight times more effective than television advertisement in making your product or brand stand out. (ScreenDaily, 2014). This can benefit the reach of the advertisement because Malaysia is a multiracial country and they are many language films released yearly.
4.1.2 Social Media
The second tactic to market the product is by using social media. The reason to choose to advertise the product in social media is derived from the fact that the users of social media among Malaysians is relatively high. There are 24.5 million people who access the internet which is 76.9% of the population in Malaysia. From that 24.5 million users whom access the internet, 89.3% uses for accessing social media. (IAMK, 2017). The company will be focusing in promoting “Goodday” product on Instagram and YouTube because this two social media sites along with Facebook is the most used by Malaysians. The reason of not using Facebook is because Goodday milk already have an official Facebook page with over 70,000 followers. The company wants to explore new ideas, therefore, selecting Instagram and YouTube.
The first way is to promote by using Instagram. Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media site in Malaysia and with their constant development and introduction of new features, it will only attract more users. Instagram users have increased from 11.44 million in 2016 to 13.74 million in 2017 and is surely expected to increase in 2018. (IAMK, 2017). The first step is to create an official Instagram account page and then to get a verified blue tick from Instagram because the blue tick can give the product a prestige level. Posting pictures or visuals of a new product that “Goodday” are developing like giving out hints to the customers about that product will create curiosity among them. This way they will stay updated with to learn about the new product. Another way is by having a contest for the followers. A ‘Selfie with Goodday” contest can be held. In this contest, followers have to come up with creative ideas to take a selfie with their Goodday packet. They then have to upload that picture and tag Goodday milk and use the hashtag. The hashtag for this contest will be #SelfieWithGoodday.

The second way is to promote using YouTube. An advertisement video with Datuk Lee Chong Wei has already been shot and that video will be uploaded to the official YouTube channel to broader our reach. Another short video featuring our mascot “Dee Dee” will be shot creatively. The reason to choose “Goodday” mascot to feature in the video is because the need to impress customers in a short span usually around 40 seconds because this YouTube ad will feature in other videos. Mascots have a special appeal that can grab customer’s attention with their distinctive design, colour and create a brand recognition. From that short and interesting advertisement, Goodday can capture customer’s attention.
4.2 Customer relationship management.
The first way to maintain customer relationship is by sending out personalised email. Sending personalised emails to consumers can be done by segmentation. Segmentation is the process of dividing different group of buyers or potential buyers into smaller groups by the similar pattern of buying. By this method, marketers can break the market into a more strategically manageable parts, where it can be then targeted and satisfied precisely (Gilligan & Wilson, 2009). During the Goodday marathon run, a pre event website will be set up for consumers to fill up their basic details. One of the detail that they have to fill is their favourite flavor. Based on this info, a personalised email about the promotion Goodday will be having only for their favourite flavour can be sent out. By this way, customer’s attention will be captured to open the email. Another personalised email that company can send is by wishing the customers ‘Happy Birthday’. When sending out this birthday emails, marketers should have a personal touch by putting their stamp on that birthday wish. (Soulage, 2015). “Gooday’s mascot “Dee Dee” will represent everyone associated to Goodday to sing and give out positive messages in the most creative way to the customers. By doing this, a strong emotional bonding between customers and product can be created.
The second way to maintain customer relationship is by having a loyalty programme. Customer loyalty programs are proven methods for growing and sustaining market share (Forbes, 2017). One of the method Goodday will do is through coupon stamps. In this method, customers will be given a coupon. Every time they purchase a Goodday product, a stamp will be chopped on the coupon. Once the customer collects ten stamps, they can get a free packet of Goodday milk of their choice. We will be collaborating with 7 eleven for this promotional event. The reason we choose 7 eleven is because they are open for 24 hours. Some customers would buy their breakfast from stores before going to college or work early morning, so, collaborating with a store which opens for 24 hours will benefit Goodday. Through this promotional event, customer loyalty can be boosted but also sales.