: Bipolar disorder, is a psychological problem that causes times of sorrow and times of unusual lifted state of mind. The raised temperament is huge and is known as insanity or hypomania. Amid insanity, an individual act or feels cheerful, or touchy. People regularly settle on foolish choices with little respect to the outcomes. Amid times of depression, there might cry, a negative point of view, and poor eye to eye connection with others.
Sign and symptoms: Euphoria or irritability, Increased energy and activity, Excessive talk; racing thoughts, Inflated self-esteem, Unusual energy; less need for sleep, Depressed mood and low self-esteem, Low energy levels and apathy, Sadness, loneliness, helplessness, guilt, Slow speech, fatigue, and poor coordination, Insomnia or oversleeping, Suicidal thoughts and feelings, Poor concentration, Lack of interest or pleasure in usual activities