2. Public Bank Bhd
In 1966, Public bank was established and began operations in Kuala Lumpur. Public bank is the second largest by market capitalization just behind the Maybank and also the largest in shareholder’s fund. Public bank pursues organic growth strategy which its more emphasizes on commercial banking, retail lending to SMEs and private unit trust business. Moreover, Public Bank is famous for its strong financial performance and prudent management style. Due to the strong and effective management, Public Bank is constantly accorded with strong credit and ranking which rated by local and foreign rating agencies such as Standard ; Poor’s and Moody’s.

3. CIMB Group Holdings Berhad
CIMB bank was formed by merging of various bank and which had been existed throughout few decades. CIMB bank is one of the leading ASEAN universal bank and also one of the largest Islamic bank in the world. As a universal bank, CIMB’s business separated into several area which comprising Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Group Strategy and investment, Wholesale Banking, with its different core market in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam etc. Moreover, CIMB Islamic operates in parallel with the businesses stated above, in live with the dual banking model.