. Bar coding: A code containing of a group of printed and variously patterned bars and spaces and sometimes numbers that is scanned and read into computer memory and that covers info (as identification) about the thing it tags.
RFID: Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) is a technology in which substances can be recognised by a RFID label which interconnects Radio frequency between receiver and transmitter helping in material exchange. RFID identifiers comprise faraway additional complete info that can be sited on a barcode. This system involves of labels, label readers, label programming places, categorization equipment and label record pointers.
Features: There are some features which are used in supply chain operations.
1. Merchandise-RFID labels can be used to track resources, manage record, and approve expenses. The Gap trade clothing cable uses drops with RFID readers that monitor account by assembly info over coatings of clothing. The Home Dept, Wal-Mart, Costco, and other massive shops are participating deeply in RFID technology to progress supply chain productivity and track goods. Wal-Mart has already authorized RFID use since its highest 100 contractors.