1. Understand roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training
1.1 Analyse your own role and responsibilities in education and training
As a classroom teacher, prior to entering the classroom to teach, it is my responsibility to plan the lesson. Planning a lesson is a task that requires skill. The skill I require is an understanding on how to teach the subject in a manner that all students will understand.
Inside the classroom my role is to teach the class Maths. It is my responsibility to provide a learning environment pleasant for all students to learn and ultimately excel. I control the flow of the lesson, I control the atmosphere inside the classroom, and I control the entering and exiting of anyone during the lesson.
As a member of staff in a primary school, it is my responsibility to make myself aware of the layout of the building, so as to assist younger pupils who may need directing. I need to make myself aware of the timetable of, not only my own classes, but other lessons, when other members of staff are free. Mentioning time it is vital to have great timekeeping skills, pupils can become anxious if they do not know where to be or what to do during a time when otherwise their teacher would be with them.
During the actual teaching time it is my role to assess the academic level of each student. This can be done by marking their work, but also by taking mental notes on which pupils grasp concepts slower than other pupils, which pupils cannot maintain focus for even short periods of time. It is then my responsibility to forward all relevant details and information to my line manager or head of the SEN department.
A teacher is also a role model and must therefore speak with respect and politeness. I must also treat parents of pupils with dignity and be understanding of their concerns and requirements.