• PFZ or Potential fishing Zones boards which were installed under UNDP assistance in Bahabalpur and Balaramgadi

• PFZ or Potential fishing Zones boards which were installed under UNDP assistance in Bahabalpur and Balaramgadi, Chandipur
• Biometric Identity Cards for the fishermen.
• Development of Approach Roads /Such a road has been planned in Talsari worth 19.34 crores.
• Dighirihanis farm of Balasore district has been selected for Brood Stock Development Programme and Jayanti ruhu propagation and selective breeding as a step of Research and development activities in state fish farms during the session 2009-10.
• The Orissa Fishermen Policy
• Matsajinbi Unnayan Yojana
• Vision 2020 has been focusing on becoming a pioneer in aquaculture development. The main target has been given on ensuring food security. This will also encourage employment, livelihood generation as well as ensure welfare.
• Realistic resource management by using remote sensing and Geographic information system is needed to be implemented. This will help to understand the detailed status of the existing inland water resource.
• Open water bodies like Kata, irrigation tanks, percolation tanks and reservoirs can be used for fish culture. In Odisha State Reservoir Fisheries Policy 2012 such option has been given for reservoir fisheries management and its development. Registered primary fisherman co operative societies, Pani Panchayat, and authorized self help groups will get preference.
• Aquaculture in tanks and ponds to enhance fish production. For pisciculture minor irrigation area below 40 ha water area will be given for lease for a period not less than 5 years.
• Various development programmes like ATMA, OCTMP,NMSA, RIDF, RKVY etc are needed to work together to promote the aquaculture in the state as well as district.
• For fish seed production and certification cluster approach (CA) on PPP mode can apply to suitable areas. Government of India guideline 2010 should be applied to ensure the certification of the quality of fish seed produced.
• Ornamental fish culture should be expanded through sustainable coastal aquaculture. For this the Government owned brackish water areas suitable for coastal aquaculture needed to be allotted to the fisheries cooperatives, self help groups, private entrepreneurs, unemployed youths etc.
• Co-management and community involvement for fisheries management in Marine sector is implemented.
• The training programme of 180 hrs has been provided to the unemployed and interested youth to become fish farmers. For this they have to qualify in the ‘training programme on scientific pisciculture practice’ and the qualification will be awarded by Directorate of Fisheries. Progression of the fish farmers can be achieved by the progression of the qualification.


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