• Application won’t be able to send any notification or any report to the customer or the admin

• Application won’t be able to send any notification or any report to the customer or the admin.

• User can not be able to alter any of the module in user module. This module will be hidden from the outside world.

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• Application will require java NetBeans, MYSQL, in order to which will be connected to JDBC driver to run application smoothly.

• The system is not compatible with IOS mobile devices as mobile application developed in android environment.

• Hence mobile user may not be benefited with this application as they may not be able to install the application over their phone.

• This application will not be connected to any internet.

• This application can not generate report of buying item generated by the customer.

• This application does not include module of online payments hence you can not send money directly to admin account.

• Food may not be send to the customer address.


The system can implement a feature which is real time notification from the mobile phone application to the service desk. This feature enable customer to request customer service through using the mobile application rather than verbally call restaurant staff to approach them. In addition, the mobile application also can implement a feature that allow customer to update the food serve status. For example, customers fine dining at the restaurant they can request the food to be serve through using the mobile application and if the customer finish the main course and feeling full, the customer may request do not serve the following food through using the mobile application. And at last we can do one thing in mobile application we can implement some mini game so that while the customer waiting for their food they can enjoy a little.

Online food ordering system will be fully based on some programming language and its main programming language will be java swing and back end programming will be MYSQL. Its main is to make more efficient and improve the application. This application will reduce the manual data entry and also provides data accuracy and data security through various security mechanism. Customer will also be able to view the item menu and the ingredients and be able to have a visual confirmation that the order was placed correctly.

Some of the interactive feature can be added to the system:

• It enhances user interface by addition of more interactive module. It may provide discount and promo offer on the item every weekend or any special occasion.
• Allow payment options: it will add different payment module like PAYTM, PHONEPE, MOBILE WALLET, ONLINE BANKING, CASH, ETC.
• Delivery module: it can add delivery module so that order can directly reach the customer destination.
• Order ready notification: send order ready notification to the customer.
• Order status: send status of the item which customer have order.
• Location: allow your device to find out your nearby restaurant location.